Noureddine ABADA

Websites & Print advertising

15 years of experience at your service


  • Design and creation of corporate websites, e-shopping websites, SEO etc.
  • Design and creation of all advertising documents designed for printing: Posters, product catalogs, flyers etc.
  • Creation and realization of magazines.
  • Illustration of logos, mascots, cartoons etc.
Last realizations

During my professional background I was in charge of the creation and realization of a large variety of projects directly or in subcontracting, through Moroccan and European communication agencies for the companies and brands like:

Metro, Lavazza, Roche, Bayer, Aol, Accord & Sencillo, Richbond, SVR(Xérial, Clairial etc.), Cyberdodo, K.PH, Hemolab, Sport+, ONI, Dari, Brochettes, Laboratoires Kosmopharm, Gusto concept(My sundae, My plaisir, Granitina, Real smoothie, Frappe gourmand, My Cheesecake, GranitePro, MYS, Blender etc.), VisiomedLAB(Luva, iBabyVision etc.), Galvafer, Tecnical, MMF, Marhaba Grill, Kenzel, Somebaf, Equiphotel, Carre confort, Ecole Enite, Merck(Bion, Exfoliac etc.), Maida, CINC, Sala El Jadida, Fédération PME-PMI, Comaner, IP Formation, Zen, Somapaf, Sevam, Provider, Laboratoires Copaph, Style de vie, Yeprochim, LinaSystems, MDCallCenter, Janaza, Global Habitat Rouen, Convey, Capalm center, CIB(Parteners etc.), Douche solaire, ElaborActiv, Ecole Est-in, France argent, FreeDom, Kavaa, LEDdiffusion, PlanetCom, ProtéinePasCher, Roxalina, Serigarium, Skillman, SantaMonica, Fideaurec etc.


Do not hesitate to contact me for all quote requests or for propose me a partnership:

+212 (0) 662 55 12 27
Casablanca – Morrocco

TP: 33015888